It is our policy to use our best endeavors, on both individual and company level, to preserve our health, safety & environment affecting our well-being in the work place. TBE recognizes that Health, Safety and Environment Management play an integral part in our business. Towards this end TBE have a HSEMS that is robust enough to be applicable wherever we operate. TBE’s HSEMS developed in line with recognized industry standards.

TBE HSEMS provides a system that complies with and demonstrates our commitment to managing HSE matters in our operations. The HSEMS describes our HSE standards and establishes the essential HSE management elements that we require to be implemented in all TBE operations.

The HSEMS is applicable to all our activities and it is mandatory that everyone working for TBE adheres to the requirements set forth in our HSEMS.

TBE are committed to ensuring that all our activities meet the legal requirements, where ever we operate and the requirements of our HSEMS. We shall ensure that, adequate resources are allocated to implement the requirements set forth in our Health, Safety and Environment Management System.

To this end we will:

  • Operate an Health, Safety & Environmental Management System
  • Nominate for each site a person responsible for implementation of this policy and the associated procedures;
  • Comply with health, safety & environmental legislative requirements and appropriate codes of practice;
  • Take positive measures to avoid incidents, accidents and pollution of air, land or water;
  • Minimize disruption from our activities in the vicinity of the site;
  • Achieve continual improvement by setting objectives and targets and examining our activities to identify ways in which we can further minimize any adverse health, safety & environmental effects of our operations;
  • Make this policy available to the public and all interested parties.



We recognize the value of client satisfaction in a competitive world and the major contribution to this satisfaction is made by work performed by us to an assured level of quality. To achieve this objective, the management of contractor has committed itself to a quality assurance system based on the requirement of international standard, ISO 9001:2000.

The quality and reliability of our work are the responsibility of all employers. To this end, procedures covering all aspects of areas affecting quality will be develop and adhered to all time. Provision will be made for any quality problems arising to be solved with speed and in a manner to prevent recurrence.

The procedures used in the programme are to be kept continually under review and techniques improved whenever and wherever necessary. A philosophy of continuous improvement will be adopted by us so that quality system will be a continuously involving programme.

The attained of these quality goals required strong and responsive management and a united commitment from all employees. The outcome will be a respected reputation for the quality of work and a rewarding place to work. Education and training to understand the company policy will be achieved through induction and structured training programmes.